{GBF Life + Style + Travel} #42

It was raining quite a bit on my first few days in Shanghai so when the sun finally graced its rays, I took full advantage by wearing a floor sweeping pleated maxi skirt from Jovonnista paired with my BCBG Generation denim shirt and Tom Ford sunnies. My Louis Vuitton Montsouris aka travel bff stayed close by my side. The backpack is great for all day excursions as it can fit a day's worth of knick knacks without killing my shoulders. My time here is quite packed so when a free afternoon opened up, I seized it and headed straight to Huahai Road, a shopping destination known for its luxury boutiques and department stores.  

When I was young, I remember taking Bus 42 on this very street with Mom every Thursday night to go to my piano class. The buses were jam packed with people, perfumed with the stench of sweat, and completely suffocating. I rarely and barely noticed the shops as I wasn't yet window height and was also quite preoccupied with avoiding getting trampled on. Nowadays, crowds gather at the grand opening of the newest Dolce & Gabbana store rather than at bus stops. What was in focus back then has now blurred into the background. 

My stolen afternoon was fabulous. I ran into the CEO of Coach inside their store, bought bagfuls of dried plum "hua mei" (my favorite guiltless snack), and saw Bus 42 pass by. It was empty, air conditioned, and completely in focus. 

{live fabulously}