{GBF Life + Style + Travel} New Shanghai

I've been in Shanghai for almost a week and have been running around town meeting up with friends and family while taking in the city. Every meal is deliciously extravagant and is contributing to a happily expanding waistline. Conversations with family revolves around the retelling of childhood stories. Although I've heard all of them a million times, they tell it like it's being divulged for the very first time. It's nice. With my friends, I've been asking a million questions about the city as I'm intently determined to crack the code on what is/who is Shanghai. I'm still in the facts gathering stage.

The city changes at lightning speed. It's impossible to keep count of the countless new buildings that have popped up since my visit four years ago. The effect of globalization means boutiques carry the latest Korean trends, the cafes are Taiwanese and Hong Kong franchises, the girls wear Japanese circle lens, and everyone has an iPhone. I feel a little lost here as the identity of my hometown has completely changed since I left. I'm proud of its progress but a little sad that I can no longer find home. 

This outfit has little to do with Shanghai. It's simply one of my favorites for summer rooftop cocktail parties. The green BCBG gown is flowy and delicate and needed to be paired with an equally flowy and delicate One Teaspoon silk shawl. Together, they exude a sense of boho spirit that's difficult to find in dressier clothes. My Shoedazzle heels add another layer of color to the outfit.

{live fabulously}