Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{GBF Life + Style} Staying Power

T-shirts are a girl's fashion BFF. In terms of upkeep, they're super low maintenance.  Just toss them in the washer and go. They mold to your body shape which means they're always flattering you. They'll go everywhere with you unlike your fair weathered friends like Leather Pants and Fur Vest. And, they don't get jealous when you want to play with others as they're okay with being layered and covered up. I guess that's why I've always had quite the t-shirt collection. I recently added to that collection with several premium tees from Old Navy as they currently have an amazing selection of modern fit brightly colored tees. I raided the store and went home with a few new bffs.

I've paired my Old Navy striped modern fit tee with a Charlotte Russe varsity jacket and my skirt from my cheerleading days at Arcadia High. As a cheerleader, we cheered at all the varsity football games while standing on our stools with our megaphones and pom poms. Every time the team did something cool, we'd hop off and do a little cheer. I never knew what was going on in the game as I was always too busy checking out the football players or turning around to wave to my friends in the stands. At the risk of sounding redundant, I was a clueless cheerleader.

There was one particular football player I had my eyes on. I think he was a tight end. He always warmed up in his varsity jacket before the games and I would think about how perfect it would be to date him and walk down the halls of J Building wearing his jacket. We would be a teen romantic comedy like She's all That or Varsity Blues! Eventually, we did date. And one day, the movie moment came to life. We were walking to the field together when he took off his jacket and put it on me. Immediately, a wave of disappointment came over me as I realized the jacket was ten sizes too big and I looked like a munchkin waddling in leather and wool. We broke up shortly thereafter. And no, it wasn't because I couldn't play out our Amy Smart and James Van der Beek roles. That relationship ended up having less staying power than the one I have with my tees.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy's latest fashion lineup in store or online at oldnavy.com.

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Laura Verzeletti said...

Nice skirt!

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WhoisthatgirlMo said...

This is cute and playful. :-)

Who is that girl Mo?

sasha siguen said...

HI dear! while blog hopping, I happened upon yours and I must say I love it! you have really really great style! and I love this post! I was wondering would you be interested in following each other via GFC and bloglovin? I always return the follow..leave me a comment and let me know

Bella said...

LOve this look! Especially I love your shoes!:)


Isa Machado said...

Lovely look dear! :)

Sydney Fashion and Style Hunter said...

Love it xx

Iván said...

Lovely look , so stylish !
I'm following you now.



Chelsea said...

You look like the cutest sock-hopping school girl! I love the yellow gingham skirt and letterman jacket.

Chelsea & The City

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caffinatedlove said...

I can't explain why I love this; I just do.

The navy and yellow delicious combo might have something to do with it, though ;)



Linda Greaves said...

I love the sneaker wedges with this outfit!

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FierceandFashionable said...

Teeshirts are my favorite thing EVER! Love them!


Fierce & Fashionable

kamila said...

fine pics; DD


Megha Sarin said...

Great post..yes indeed tee can smarten any outfit <3



You look so cool, yes a tee is definately a best friend forever! p.s. please take a look at my blog if you get a chance? xx

Agenss said...

You look so lovely :D the glasses are great :)

AF said...

Funny, cute and lovely look!

Jen Holmes said...

thanks for the lovely comment sweetie
great blog :) am following
hope u can follow back

Kim said...

Love it!

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

You look stunning my darling, very cute.

Adele Miner said...

Love this outfit, the skirt is so cute! x

Jen27 said...

Loving the stripes on you! You're really rocking the preppy look :)



kate lewis said...
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kate lewis said...

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nomzam said...

Those boots are bang on! I am getting them haha
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