{GBF Life + Style} The Coachella Moment

Dressing for Coachella is always tricky as you need to find outfits that are music festival cute yet practicable enough to weather the unpredictability of spending day and night in an open field in the middle of nowhere. This outfit from AG braces for the unpredictable. I love the airy tissue thin striped cotton top as it's breathable in the stifling heat. I'm drawn to the softness of the baby blue jeans as I can totally dance in the thin and stretchy cotton fabric. I've layered with a white denim jacket, a necessary piece for the post sunset temperature drop. Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers and my favorite cap completes the sporty Coachella look while my roomy Cuore Pelle Caterina can house everything from Kombucha, the most amazing highlighter/powder known to womenkind, first aid kit, and dried candied plum.

In many ways, Coachella changed me. When I went for the first time about four years ago, I wasn't the music festival type. My life was structured, straight forward, and devoid of unpredictability or spontaneity. Deviation from my daily schedule was frowned upon and certainly didn't encompass weekends in the desert standing in dirt and listening to music. I went to Coachella on a whim and did it more so to hang out with friends than anything. When I got there, I was a bit appalled by the amenities. Porta potties? Not doing it. Sit in dirt fields? Where's the stadium seating? I felt uncomfortable, out of my element, and was so focused on the peripheral that I didn't even hear the music. I wanted to go home.

 But my my friends convinced me to go into a white tent where heavy electronic music was blasting from the speakers. Everyone was sweaty, their hands in the air, their bodies swaying and bumping into others. My initial reaction was to jet out of there as I didn't want the flicking of strangers' sweat drip to land on me. But I listened to my friends and stayed and listened. I really listened. I started hearing the music and it was amazing. Within minutes, I was sashaying around the room lost in the beat and lost in the moment. I danced crazily, thrashed my arms wildly, and started to have fun. I emerged from the epiphanatic tent ready to embrace and live in the moment.

Chic. Sophisticated. Classic.

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