{GBF Life + Style + Travel + Food} If These Walls Could Talk

I'm going back to Palm Springs in less than two weeks for a crazy Coachella weekend and am quite sure the experience will not be antecedent to my most recent flee to PS as that trip centered around rest, peace, and sleep. While at the Parker Hotel, we spent hours cocooned inside the hotel's thirteen acre grounds sinking into the calming folds of the desert retreat. The walls of the hotel has weathered an impressive seventy year history. Once Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch estate, it was, for a time, the Merv Griffin Resort, then the Givenchy Hotel and Spa, and now, after a substantial  renovation by designer Jonathan Adler, it’s back as The Parker. Its eclectic blend of periods and references is an Adler trademark as the Mod Sixties, the hippie Seventies, and the Hollywood Rat Pack vibe that Palm Springs is known for are flaunted throughout the hotel.

During the day, we strolled the grounds, dipped in the pool, played croquet, and battled our minds moving life size chess pieces.  At night, old Hollywood beckoned behind the velvet curtains of Mister Parker, an opulent hideout serving amazing French fare. We started with the sea as New Zealand oysters and tuna tartare with creme fraiche and quail egg lined our appetites. Then, an amazing rendition of French onion soup warmed my body from head to toe. Melt-in-your mouth lamb shank and fresh scallops took their place as the main attractions. The meal ended on a sweet note as an amazing banana foster generously layered with ice cream perfectly complimented the peanut butter mousse.

Throughout the spectacular meal, I kept looking up and around me convinced I had gone back in time hopeful that Marilyn and Frank were just a few steps behind the velvet curtains. Old Hollywood is alive at The Parker.

dress: c/o Unique Vintage
socks: Pynk Nylon
shoes: c/o T.U.K
purse: Koret

{live fabulously}



  1. amazing photos, love the shoes :)


  2. Great pics and really cool outfit :)

  3. This belong in a magazine, awesome shoot.


  4. Great pics and outfit :)

  5. Wow, sounds like such a lovely, luxurious trip! I'm in love with that polka dot dress. The vintage-inspired print and silhouette is right up my alley. you wear it well! :)



  6. Funny. I was just reading a brochure about palm springs. I need to look up Parker Hotel now. Definitely looks like a good place to cocoon in.
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  7. Love all your photos, looks so vintage. The food looks delicious and your outfit is gorgeous!

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  8. Love your blog! great look!



  9. wow such fabulous photos and you look fantastic in this vintage-inspired dotty outfit! love the socks they are super cute!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'?

  10. Beautiful pictures! Love your dress,you look fabulous!

  11. I adore your Polka Dot look...
    & the food looks great!! Awesome photography as always :)


  12. I adore these photos, the setting looks so beautiful and you look great! So pretty. :)

  13. Love the way as you styled that gorgeous dress with the socks and cute purse


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