{GBF Life + Style + Travel} Opposites Attract

If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you probably know I live in a state of duality. There's the duality of being a lawyer and a fashion blogger. The duality of playing with classic work hour outfits that can transition into quirky play hour outfits. The duality of writing one-liners twinged with sarcasm juxatoposed with honest narratives about my life. Perhaps that's why I'm drawn to pieces like this pink studded leather jacket from Lulu's. It perfectly fits into my yin and yang world. 

At Coachella, I wore the jacket with a delicate and ethereal mint chiffon dress to fancy daytime brunches. The studded details and the structured tailoring offset the uber femininity of the dress creating a romantic and fun look. At night, I wore a graphic print tee and Aztec print jeans with the jacket to the music festival which turned out to be a very serendipitous decision as we were vortexed into the sandstorm of the century. If I hadn't been covered from head to toe, my entire body would've turned fifty shades of grey...dust. 

I guess it's part of my DNA to live in duality. There's just so much to experience, so much to live and to love. Yet we've been gifted with just one tiny microcosm of a moment to do it in. So why constrict, constrain, and restrain? I want it all-the good, the bad, and the fabulous. 

 graphic tee c/o Lulu's
jeans c/o Lulu's
pink leather jacket: RD International c/o Lulu's
sandals: Kelsi Dagger c/o Lulu's

 dress c/o Lulu's
heels: Blonde Ambition c/o Lulu's

{live fabulously}