Springtime at Target-Suiting Up

Prepping for bathing suit season is akin to studying for a law school final. You're either the type to read and take notes all semester long so you slowly but steadily whittle down on the excessive 1,000 page civil pro nightmare/book or you crash study at the last minute sending yourself to the brink of an aneurysm. Usually, I study ahead of time but I recall a few instances when the thrill of procrastination took over and I ended up badly crashing and burning  On those nights, the midnight oil never stopped burning as I frantically paced the living room trying to memorize every single case, statute, and majority opinion. Blurred by my stress induced hallucinogenic state, I would use the book as a pillow during 15 minute sleep sessions hoping osmosis would transfer knowledge while I slept. Never worked. 

The same crash and burn principles apply to prepping to suit up. Don't let the pressure trigger last minute irrational stress and erratic behavior. Yes, Usher does one thousand sit-ups everyday but that doesn't mean you have to. And don't go on a liquid diet for a week or you'll pass out in the water and ruin your swimsuit debut. Instead, focus on the fun part of bathing suit season-the fabulously cute suits! Target.com swimwear section always carries a great selection of cute, trendy, and affordable one and two piece bathing suits that are absolutely hard to resist. And when you're wearing something you feel good in, who cares about anything else. All eyes are enviously on the suit! 

Here are a few of my favorite bathing suits from Target.com which are all priced at $15-30. Target prices, on target fashion.

It's Time for Springtime!
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