Leather Dress and Tuxedo Vest Personal Style Outfit-Self Control

If you follow me on twitter, then you may be aware I'm currently participating in a cruel act of self-deprivation known as a juice cleanse. What brought on this sudden masochistic behavior? I went to the Natural Food Expo this past Sunday and was gifted with boxes of kombucha and fruit smoothies and going on a cleanse seemed like a good way to consume the sudden surplus of liquids. You're right. I didn't exactly think all of this through. After cleansing for a mere forty-eight hours,  I feel like a weak and scrawny Tasmanian Devil. The sad part? I'm doing it part-time! Kombucha for breakfast, tea mid-morning, smoothie for lunch, and regular eating once the sun sets. Not bad right? Yet I've ceased all ability to function like a human being. Where's the "cloud nine" feeling I've heard about? The sudden bursts of energy? Lies! I'm done.

My short-lived and futile exercise in setting limitations affirmed what I already knew. I lack self control. Logic and reason may try to take me away from cookies and cream ice cream, but indulging in wanton behavior peppered with all sorts of sugary confections is what I want and what I need. And living life gobbling fluffy clusters of cream puffs is my version of cloud nine.

I may not be able to control my eating habits, but this outfit, worn to a Genlux party, is a showcase in controlled minimalism. The highly structured two|one|two leather sleeved dress from Rewire Attire is further streamlined by the tuxedo-like vest from Collage Boutique. A simple snakeskin Alexander Wang clutch, signature Hermes cuff, and laser cutout sandals from Pour La Victoire keeps the look controlled and simple. Exerting self-control through style choices...that's an exercise I'll never give up on.

{live fabulously}