I Dreamed A Dream-A New Year's Reflection and Revision

When I was in Mrs Martinez's class in third grade, I dreamed a dream.  I was going to be a ball busting lawyer when I grew up. I didn't just think it. I saw it. I saw myself walking down the halls of the courthouse with my Ferragamo briefcase swinging from side to side, the inner seams of my Jones New York fiery red pantsuit "swishaying" from the sheer friction of walking with confidence while the drumming of my stilettos alerted everyone Jenny Wu,  Esq, was in the house. I wanted to be Elle Woods long before the first draft of Legally Blonde was even written. So I sacrificed, I worked, and I molded myself to fit my dream. My dream came true. But when it did, I walked away from it. The dream was fulfilled, but I wasn't.

2012 was one of the most pivotal, memorable, exciting, and agonizingly scary years of my life. The highs were pure elation while the lows chained me to pitch black, to a depth of darkness that I will have to cope with for the rest of my life. I'd grown immensely in 2012 as I was exposed to the good, the bad, and the fabulous sides of life in such a heightened and accelerated manner. I've learned that life is layered, complex, and that there's never just one right, one wrong, one angle, or one perspective in any given situation. Last year, I also came to terms with my flaws and realize it's okay to live imperfectly as long I live happily. Most importantly, in 2012, I discovered a new dream. And unlike the old one, this dream is all about expressing an extension of who I am instead of fighting to achieve an idea based on fantastical assumptions of who I thought I wanted to be. This year, I dream to take GBF to the next level. And I don't mean that in a purely quantitative way. With the blog, I hope to further express myself through unfiltered lens and words, to create fabulous content on all things pretty and sparkly, and to keep a completely open, raw, and honest dialogue about my life journey.

Join me.

{live fabulously}