Work, Play, Live-Google Office Visit

I had the pleasure of visiting and dining at Google's Santa Monica office on a recent Friday.  It just so happened to be #redpantsfriday, an underground Friday dress code initiated by one of Google's marketing gurus. So, I joined in on the fun, put on my Bella Dahl tangerine red corduroy pants, and spent my lunch hanging out with my Google buddy and marveling at the wonderful world of Google. Calling it an office is quite the misnomer as it's really more of a resort. I mean, there are hammocks and a rock climbing wall.

This is the cafeteria aka buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dangerous.
Endless fun. Endless distractions.
Gym. Personal trainers included.
The courtyard.
Rooftop lounge


  {live fabulously}