Personal Style Outfit-The Lunch Table

Even though my Saturday was eventFULL from sun up until sun down, I found myself chained to this outfit as I simply didn't have time to change. It's a versatile look perfect for various day and night functions as the conservative button up blouse compensates for the short and fun bubble skirt while the sleek jacket keeps the look chic and refined.

My day was kick started with a scrumptious blogger brunch with C&C California + Laundry by Shelli Segal at Asia de Cuba (oh how I've missed their avocado and plantain fried rice!). I love the brands' PR team and am giddy with excitement to be working on with them on fabulous projects this year. After the brunch, I headed over to my parents house to shoot a little segment for CCTV, China's predominant state TV network. In essence, it has the reach of CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC combined. They're filming a documentary special on my parents' life in LA. Mom and Dad are such rock stars. In fact, whenever I'm in Shanghai, I rely on their rolodex to get into cool parties. 

After the shoot, I headed back to Hollywood to celebrate the birthdays of two of my high school gal pals at The Redbury. It was such a special night as everyone came out to play. My Arcadia girls! The fab moment of night transpired when we all sat down at a long wooden bench chatting about nothing yet laughing at everything. It took me back to high school, to the days when we would sit at our faded and chipped yellow bench at lunch, munching on chili cheese fries and crispitos while filling the air with nonstop chatter and laughter. Some things never change. The table's fancier, but the girls and the friendships remain the same. 

top: Zara
skirt: Manoush
coat: c/o Juicy Couture
boots: Chloe
purse: Kate Spade "Kennedy" (similar to this)
necklace: Cara Couture (also love this one)
ring: Kate Spade (this is cute)

{live fabulously}