Personal Style Outfit-Go With The Flow

Top: c/o Karen Kane 
Dress: C&C California (similar ones here and here)
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Belt: Robert Rodriguez (similar here)

I spent last weekend at a beach house in San Diego celebrating the birthdays of eight November babies.This  actually makes a lot of sense as it means their parents must have been feeling the love and friskiness on Valentine's day. I had a relaxing time although I drank way too much "milk" Saturday night and fell asleep quite early missing most of the festivities. I'm such a lightweight when it comes to dairy.

The weekend highlight was finding out my friend found a publisher for her new book which chronicles her decade long on-again off-again relationship with the love of her life who just can't seem to commit. Men can be such dogs. Okay, sometimes they're lost little puppies but dogs nonetheless. 

 On Sunday, the weather was sunny, breezy, and beachy so I wore my Karen Kane feather print sheer blouse. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces as the asymmetrical shape drapes and flows ever so lightly. I love the velvet feather print as it's bold and adds whimsical drama to an outfit. I layered it with a maxi dress as I don't like wearing pants on or near the beach but I'm confident the top will look great half tucked into jeans or shorts. To style the blouse fall appropriately, simply layer it with a slouchy cardigan, black jeans, and knee high boots for a carefree and crowd-pleasing bohemian look. 

I decided to take the train back to LA and spent the two hour ride gabbing on the phone with my gal pal. Apologies to my fellow riders forced to eavesdrop on the conversation as I have not yet found my in-door train voice.

{live fabulously}