Fab Spotlight-A Day in the Life of GBF

A fabulous day in the life of yours truly may start with a relaxing shampoo, scalp massage, and blowout at Studio K, a blowdry and makeup salon located in Pasadena. Owner Kelly Zhang is an incredibly skilled makeup artist known for turning brides into beauties on their big day. I first heard about Kelly's artistry when researching makeup artists for my wedding and was uber impressed by the stunning transformations showcased on her website's before/after section.  Now that she's opened her own salon, I no longer have to be a blushing bride to indulge in fabulous beauty pampering from time to time!

When it's time for brunch, you may find me at the home of Max and Lubov Azria nibbling on tea sandwiches and sipping on mimosas while previewing the Spring 2013 Herve Leger and BCBG Max Azria collections. I'm enthralled by Lubov as she's smart, funny and can entertain a courtyard of fashion bloggers with fashion anecdotes and sweet stories about her and Max. Their home is gorgeous, a resplendent and elegant house of fashion covered in a palette of white accented with bursts of color and modern drama. My favorite part of the home is the candy and soda pop bar that sits squarely across from the guest bathroom. Sweetness comes in very unexpected places!

And at night, you'll find me at fabulous parties like the one held at Jigsaw London in Beverly Hills. As a family-owned fashion company, Jigsaw London’s deep British roots are reflected in its love of color, obsession with knitwear and eccentric mix of patterns, color and shapes. I think I'm particularly drawn to the store as its great mix of wardrobe classics and of-the-moment silhouettes parallel my own personal style. At the store party, I fueled up on brownies and cupcakes. The sugar high in turn fueled my shopping energy as I ended up trying on half of the store with some of my blogger friends. At the end of the night, I took home an oxblood sweater that will make its debut on the blog soon!

And that's a day in the life of GBF! Wait. Confession. Not everyday is like the one I've just described. Frankly, most of my days are spent in my USC sweatshirt and plaid sweatpants hunched over a computer screen with half of my fingers on the keyboard and the other half dipped inside a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. But that's okay. Because no matter where I am or what I'm wearing, feeling fabulous always comes from within...even when my fingers are covered in red (possibly toxic) food dye! Seriously, what's in those Cheetos?

{live fabulously}