Fab Giveaway Spotlight-A Living Story

My love for jewelry transcends the sparkly surface. Each piece of bling tells a story...a story of origin, a story of giving, a story of living. Some of my favorite pieces are not necessarily statement making in design or exorbitant in price yet they remain close to my heart pulsated by the attached memories and emotions that unfold and rush in the moment I put them on. And for that and that alone, they remain simply priceless.  
I spotted these diamond floral earrings while aimlessly shopping with J one day. I casually gave a few awwws and continued on. A few days later, a white jewelry box appeared on my pillow with these beauties inside. At the time he was working around the clock setting up a new venture so I was extremely touched he took the time to go back and get them for me. It wasn't a gift for a particular occassion-just a shiny reminder that although his mind was preoccupied, his heart was thinking of me. 
The gold Gara Danielle zodiac necklace and Chan Luu leather and pearl wrap bracelet were birthday gifts from two friends. We were quite close for a number of years as we went to Arcadia High and USC together. Sadly, time and distance set us adrift but these mementos of friendship will forever symbolize years of laughter, unfiltered girl talk, and an undying bond.
 My jade bracelets were gifts from various aunts and uncles. I come from an immigrant family so most of my extended family members still live in Shanghai. Although I see them infrequently, my bracelets serve as a precious reminder of my Chinese heritage, lineage, and ancestry. I wear them proudly. 


To celebrate the holidays and my love for jewelry, I've partnered with Jewelmint to give away three fabulous pieces of jewelry that I've personally handpicked to three fab readers as I sincerely hope they will become a part of your life story.


1. Sign up (free and no obligation) for JewelMint. For a limited time, new members will receive the "buy one get one free" discount.
2. Leave a comment and tell me what's your favorite piece. 
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4. {bonus entry} Tweet: Enter the @goodbadandfab and @JewelMint giveaway to win fab jewelry for the holidays! http://bit.ly/VbLy4j
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{Giveaway ends December 20 11:59 PST}

 Jewelmint Starstruck ring
 Jewelmint Gold Lamè necklace
 Jewelmint Rock Citrus earrings

{live fabulously}



  1. The first link for JewelMint is not working :/

    Check my giveaway, open until 30.11.2012:



  2. These are really beautiful pieces that you are giving away. And I love the story of your floral earrings. How nice!

  3. I love the Jewelmint Starstruck ring!

  4. Love the Jewelmint Gold Lamè necklace, edgy!! ^^

  5. Love your blog, and great pieces in the giveaway! The ring is definitely my favorite :) Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    <3 Josephine

  6. great ;]]


    follow me! :)

  7. I love yellow rings, so original!

  8. Love these accessories!!

    Many kisses,



  9. I guess I can not take more interest in the competition?

  10. naszyjnik jest boski ! :)

    zapraszam do siebie,moze obserwujemy ? :)

  11. Following on twitter, instagram, facebook and Bloglovin! I'm in love with the necklace... Thanks for an awesome giveaway beautiful.

  12. Thank You for nice comment ;)
    Nice jewelry ;)

  13. my fave is the diamond floral earrings. my email is charlinewilliams60@gmail.com

  14. following via gfc as charlinewilliams60@gmail.com

  15. liked you on facebook. my email is charlinewilliams60@gmail.com

  16. These last earrings are gorgeous! Following you now :)

  17. i've been hearing about JewelMint a lot lately. love their stuffs!


  18. LOVE the pieces you've chosen, my favorites, graphic and bold. My fave is the "Gold Lame Necklace" and I'm a member of Jewelmint.

    Thanks & Happy Holidays!

    San (@SS_Dal)

  19. Followed and Tweeted: https://twitter.com/SS_Dal/status/275968745309077506

  20. I follow you on Bloglovin & am a FB Fan (San Dalvi)

  21. Love the Rock Citrus earrings- the color is amazing. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  22. I love the Jewel of the Nile rings.


  23. I followed on bloglovin and tweeted.



  24. I've done the rquired! @ladyboarder9669 i LOVE the Baroque Bloom Necklace!!!


  25. Thanks for this chance to enlarge my jewelry collection, Jenny!
    As of right now, I don't really own very many necklaces, bracelets, rings, and the like. Even still, I treasure all of the pieces I own because each one has it's very own story and sentimental value!
    It would be an absolute pleasure to win any one of those lovely pieces from JewelMint. One of their pieces that I absolutely adore right now is the After Dusk ring. How softly romantic is that?!

    Good luck to all the fabulous people entering this giveaway :)


  26. I already like you on Facebook as Alice Lin! :)


  27. I love the sun stone bracelet..my friend actually has it an right now i'm thinking about buying the mystery box!

    following on bloglovin and gfc

  28. tweeted https://twitter.com/minimisfit/status/283321695366942720

  29. Love all your jewelry, also love reading your stories about them, I am also from China, so I got a lot of similar stories with my relatives.
    Haley www.instyleforless.org

  30. Wow! Can't help but admire your collection. I love how each and every piece you got were designed uniquely and intricately giving them their own exclusive characteristic.

  31. Amazing pieces of jewelry! I can think of different outfits to pair with each of them. Thanks for posting!

  32. The set of jewelry you got here are all promising and unique in their own way. Especially the pair of earrings your got here. I just love how they look like.

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