Fab Beauty Spotlight-A Shiny Future

I spent almost all of Thanksgiving holiday at my parents' house reliving life before adulthood. The whole family was under one roof as my brother Eric is on winter break from college. How cozy. I spent the first night hanging out with him and his old high school friends trying hard to recapture traces of youthdom. I was doing well. We discussed Apple computers and fashion and New York. Pretty cool, right? But then a major faux pas was made. I got sleepy and decided to call it a night. Instead of saying "later" or even "bye" like a young cool person, I told everyone I was "turning in for the night." Oh the horror once I realized what I'd said. Turning in? I sounded like my grandmother. I spent the next couple of minutes browsing Urban Dictionary trying to brush up on "I'm still hip and with it" lingo.

The next morning, I woke up to the distantly familiar sounds of Mom making breakfast in the kitchen and Dad listening to the Chinese radio station. She was making one of my childhood favorites. Rice balls! Clearly she doesn't know I've stopped eating carbs before 6pm. The rest of the weekend was spent bickering with my brother about things of insignificance, cooking, eating, sleeping, teaching Mom cardio barre, and watching Chinese soap operas. It was the very definition of a lazy weekend but I managed to squeeze in some productive by successfully using the Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish system.

{The product}
Sally Hansen’s Salon Gel Polish™ is a professional at-home gel system that delivers the salon experience at a great value. Compared to regular nail polish, this gel polish gives you high-gloss, mirror shine color that lasts for up to two weeks without dry time, chipping and smudging. It’s never been so easy to get a salon manicure at home – saving you time and money! Get up to ten gel manicures in a starter kit! The steps are easy, the results are impressive, and the entire process took around fifteen minutes. The system comes with the gel base and top coats, one color polish, cleanser pads, UV lamp, and polish remover.

{Step 1}
Use the cleanser cloth to remove any oil or dirt on nails. This is a super important step as the gel will not adhere to your nails if they are not clean and dry!

{Step 2}
Apply one layer of gel base coat then place nails under UV lamp for thirty seconds to cure. Many other lamps use batteries but the Sally Hansen UV lamp uses an AC adapter which is simply awesome.

{Step 3}
Apply one thin layer of the color gel polish then place nails under UV lamp for thirty seconds to cure. Repeat. I like to cure my nails for an extra thirty seconds to seal the deal.

{Step 4}
Apply one layer of the gel base coat then place nails under UV lamp for thirty seconds to cure.

{Step 5}
Wipe nails with the cleanser cloth and you're done.

{The verdict}
I've had the gel polish on for almost a week and they have not chipped or dulled at all. They truly are mirror shiny! Honestly, Sally Hansen has nailed it with this product.

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sally Hansen via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sally Hansen”

{live fabulously}