Fab Shopping Spotlight-Falling For You

This past week, Fall finally befell LA which means temperatures dropped below 70 degrees. Score! I can finally wear the fall and winter outfits I've been stockpiling since August! Why August? Because I'm a So Cal gal who in past years have been completely oblivious to the nippy and chilly temperatures that can strike even sunny LA. So, I usually get burned and end up shivering like a chihuahua during the colder months ignorantly walking around in maxi dresses and light cardigans, unprepared and unbundled. This year is going to be different. This year, I'm not going to feel like a cold-blooded reptilian. This year, I'm layering up.  But in my fixation with sweaters and coats, I overlooked a key component in fall/winter dressing. Fall shoes!

So, for the past few days I've been scouring the Macys.com’s fall shoes section overflowing my shopping cart with fall classics that are under $200 with most pairs falling under $100! Here are my shoe picks that will keep me (and you!) looking fabulous, warm-blooded, and wallet happy fall after fall. 

I can't talk about fall shoes without spotlighting my favorite fall boots. They go with everything and keep an outfit looking polished and sophisticated. As for boot length, I simply love them all. I mean, everyone knows it's not about the length but how you style it. 

Flats are no longer my only option when I want to feel comfy and look stylish in "wear and walk everywhere" shoes. With so many shoeptions like the Chelsea boots and animal print smoking slippers, I don't think I've ever been as excited to keep my outfits low key casual this fall!

Even though boots are fall's favorite child, let's not forget about fabulous stilettos and heels! There's absolutely nothing sexier than a blazer and jeans combo finished off with a pair of open toe or pointy toe heels. They're also the perfect shoes to take you from work to holiday parties. 

{live fabulously}