London Travel Diary-Last Night, Last Meal

I acquainted the city of London by visiting its legendary landmarks. I befriended it by exploring the local neighborhoods and the fabulous dining scene as both gave the insider's glimpse into life in the London fab lane. 
London quiet boutique hotels in neighborhood clerkenwell. Best breakfast at Malmaison London.
For my final night in London, I stayed at the Malmaison, a french cottage-like hotel in Clerkenwell tucked away in a quiet corner near the London Central Markets and across from a lush park. The decor is dramatic, opulent but cozy accented with splatterings of plush burgundy and a bar decked out in Veuve Clicquot. The hotel is a resplendent reprieve from life's noisy hustle and bustle and one can't help but feel at peace and relaxed in its presence. The service was out-of-the-way hospitable as they reopened their kitchen long after breakfast was over to make two delicious dishes for the overslept snoozing away in the comforts of the "Goldilocks would choose it" bed. By the way, their waffles smothered in bacon are delicious. 
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After breakfast, I explored a bit and had to catch a quick lunch before jumping on the Eurostar headed for Paris. My last meal in London was at The Drift, a restaurant and bar located in Bishopgate. It's one of the prettiest restaurants I've been to with the decor being London posh finished off with rustic floral accents. The menu was mouth-watering tempting so we ended up ordering a lot of food. Halfway through the meal, I realized we had to leave. Paris doesn't wait. Our server meticulously put our food into doggy bags and added extra sauces and utensils. He also gave us detailed instructions on the quickest route to the train station. Lunch at The Drift (and afternoon snack) was memorable but the service will always hold a special place in my heart.
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I saved the Bloody Mary for my last meal in London. This was worth the wait. Best one yet.

The Peking duck flatbread with veggies drizzled in plum sauce was sweet and savory and tasted like an authentic Chinese dish.

The salmon ceviche was fresh, light and had a great tangy citrus kick to it.

The presentation of the prawn lollipops were absolutely adorable and tasted quite good dipped in the soy sauce. They were perfectly fried-golden crisp on the outside and soft and warm on the inside.

It's surf and turf time! I can still taste the succulent and juicy steak and the tenderness of the lobster which had traveled all the way from Scotland to end up in my belly. 
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  1. OMG, what a nice restaurant, I drooled at the sight of last pic with the lobster and steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to go to that place for sure!!!!!

  2. amazing pics!

  3. I love the wall of alcohol bottles, the place has got a cool vibe!

  4. You are so lucky. Europe is still one of my destinations. And London looks fantastic. I'd love to taste the food there.
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  5. Thank you for such a wonderful review. We are lucky to work in such a beautiful venue. Looking forward to welcoming you back again soon. Lisa Yearwood General Manager The Drift

  6. I love travel diary shots! Favorite pictures are the shot with the flowers silhouettes in vases and the bar shot! Gorgeous.
    The Fashionable ESQ

  7. You stayed in a best cottage; especially the food looks so yummy. What about the charges here?

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