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Here's a look at my life in photos after my Europe trip through the lens of my trusty camera phone and the fabulous life filtering technology of Instagram. What a memorable two weeks! By the way, are you following me yet? instagram  style fashion bloggers picture and photos of bloggers with cool filters. Fashion and personal style photo gallery on Instagram and diary.
This is me the day after arriving back in LA. I played hostess and threw multiple parties at my place while battling a very bad case of stomach flu mixed with jet lag.
t event
This is me shooting a E! News segment with my friend, style guru Sydne Summer!
Instagram fashion blogger pictures
This is me matching my nails to my YSL arty ring.

This is me sitting in traffic while driving to the 2b by Bebe fashion soiree in Beverly Hills. Co-hosting duties trumps suffering through traffic on the 10 freeway.

This is me standing next to the Good, Bad, and Fab 2b by Bebe mannequin.
los angeles fashion parties and soirees in Beverly Hills
This is a picture of the mini Dots cupcakes at the 2b by Bebe soiree. I devoured two of them five seconds after snapping this shot. It's okay, they're mini so it was like I was eating air.

This is me in sneakers at the Long Beach Airport waiting for my flight to Salt Lake City. We went to Park City to attend our friends' wedding. It was the perfect post-vacation vacation.

This is the St. Regis Hotel Deer Valley, the most comfortable hotel in the world. Thanks to this hotel, I spent more time asleep than awake during our weekend wedding getaway

These are two of my travel companions. They may compete in the real world, but in my world they both get my undivided fashion attention. I don't play favorites.

This is my friends' beautiful wedding.

This is my friends' beautiful wedding reception.

This is me catching up with an old friend visiting from overseas and taking a picture of her (semi) new baby!

This is a glamorous Tacori red carpet party.

This is me with Melora Hardin (Jan from The Office!) in red lips at the Tacori party.

This is me striking a pose with buddies Chanelle and Bethany at the LA Fashion Council show

This is me holding my borrowed Tacori bedazzlers hostage. Please don't tell Tacori.

This is me spending an afternoon shopping at The Grove and visiting Sydne while she does her styling thing at the Redbook Magazine event.

This is the candy that was used as props for a fun colorblocking video shot for Shopbop.

This is me trying to stay strong and resist the candy by drinking pressed juice from Blue Print. I tried. I failed. I succumbed. I ended up with a sugar hangover.
Instagram fashion and style photos taking by a LA personal style bl
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  1. So honored to have made the instagram post twice! Fun times!

  2. Wow, you are beyond gorgeous. I want your YSL ring and your printed pants. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Want to follow each other?

  3. Like all of these pictures! Such amazing stuff, party's and more!
    Jealous! Your style is amazing! Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Started following you via GFC and Bloglovin, would like it a lot of you followed back?!

    With love, M

  4. Lovely photos. I love the way You always dress up.

    Thank You for your comment on our blog. I would love to follow your blog now, I hope to keep in touch with You via GFC or bloglovin.


  5. Great photos, the wedding looks beautiful!

  6. Great pics, lovelovelove this post ;) xx

  7. Awesome pictures! You have such awesome, bold, fun style! Incredible!


  8. your nails are greaqt and your friends wedding looks lovely!

  9. Beautiful pictures, nice blog! I followed you :)

  10. You look so good;)! thanks for comment and I invite you once again on my blog ;)

  11. You look amazing. So nice blog. Great.

  12. I love your instagram photos!
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    xo Ally

  13. You're so cute! I love your leopard dress and that's so cool that you were on E!



    Southern (California) Belle

  14. Checked out your blog and I love it sweetie!
    Very cute style :)

    lets follow each other

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