Road to Vegas, Road to MAGIC

Las Vegas has been somewhat of a second home for me since the age of seven as I've been here over fifty times. Over the years my relationship with the the city of lights and king crab legs evolved in purpose, function and significance. When I was young, my family and I came to make weekend money as many tour groups in the San Gabriel Valley offered vouchers, credits, cash, and free hotel stays to draw people to the gambling mecca of the world. My parents are cunning and Chinese and worked the "system" quite well, knowing exactly when to stop gambling so they can redeem the credits and come up winners. I'm pretty sure we were partly responsible for bankrupting the Stratosphere Hotel (formerly known as Vegas World). We also came to Vegas during Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate the holidays by enjoying intimate family meals at the Bellagio buffet and checking out the holiday light displays at each of the hotels. Many family Christmas photos were taking in front of various imported pine trees.

In college and law school, I came to Vegas with friends for impromptu partying weekends. And that's all I'm going to say about that because what stays in Vegas...

I'm in Vegas again. Even though I'm here for the third time this month, I now only come here for very special occasions. While the first two trips were for pleasure, this time it's for work. Magic Tradeshow invited me to be one of the official MAGIC Influencers which means I will be speaking on press panels, doing photo shoots, and attending cocktail parties in my fashion blogger capacity for the next four days. MAGIC is the biggest fashion trade show and where the glpbal community of apparel, accessories and footwear professionals come to trade information, previews trends, builds business and shop fashion. I've been coming to MAGIC and have written about it in the past but this insider access trip takes my experience to another fashion level! Follow my blog, facebook, twitter and Instagram (@goodbadandfab) as I will be featuring everything fabulous, magical, and exclusive about MAGIC

Here's an Instagram look at my road to MAGIC. 

Packing/editing woes the night before my road trip to MAGIC. 

My road to MAGIC goodie bag! Swag brings on the swagger!

Road to MAGIC bus ride with 30 of the most prominent, influential and fabulous LA fashion bloggers!

Thank you Rue La Lafor a stylish and fashionable ride to MAGIC!

On the bus, I wolfed down my favorite popcorn in three seconds flat. Chocolate, white chocolate and caramel should always be mixed together.

Stopped in Calico Ghost Town for a photo shoot/lunch break

With Olivia of Lust for Life. She's so sweet, well-poised and mature beyond her years. I love and appreciate our fun chats on life, love, blogging and everything in between.

Double fisting!I think I sweated out just as much liquid as I took in that afternoon.

The unbeatable view on the road to Vegas.

First time dinner and cocktails at Peppermill, a diner/lounge featured in Showgirls. So Vegas!

Such a fun night goofing off with my fashionistas and being way too silly!

After Peppermill, we went to a party. It was really more of a music and arts festival as they had everything from photo booths to flame throwers. 

Phew. That was just the first 24 hours of MAGIC!

{live fabulously}