Guest Blogging for Saks Fifth Avenue

I find that the highs and lows in life usually come in rapid succession. Perhaps it's God's way of maintaining equilibrium and to keep people from jumping off rooftops every millisecond. I guess that's why I don't fear anything life throws my way as I wholeheartedly believe that after every storm, a rainbow will emerge.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from IFB about the Saks Fifth Avenue Blogger Search contest. It sounded like a great opportunity as the winning blogger gets to write for But I was busy at the time so the contest totally slipped my mind. A few days later, as I was going through a particular tolling emotional crisis after a horrible phone conversation, I suddenly remembered the contest and felt an unbridled urge to enter it as a necessary distraction from my quivering emotion state of mind. The process of writing was truly cathartic and put me in a much better mood. My mood perked up even more when I received an email from SAKS a few days later informing me I'd won the contest! I'm now a SAKS Fifth Avenue blogger/contributor and am writing style features for the Saks POV website, an experience that's been utterly satisfying and oh so unreal! And to think, I owe it all to the stormy phone call that has now completely evaporated from my life.

My first post for the Saks POV website is up! For your reading convenience, I'm posting it below:


This summer, I’ve been galloping all over town day and night like the pony express (sans horse). I don’t have time to go home and change once the sun goes down, so I bring an arsenal of items to make for an easy style transition.
My Rory Beca silk romper was the outfit centerpiece, versatile enough to style up or down. During the day, I layered it with a meeting appropriate Stella McCartney blazer, comfortable to run in Prada wedges, and a YSL purse that’s roomy enough to house an army of depositions. Dinner at Fig & Olive with the girls called for a colorful take on the romper. I added a scarf, a waist-cinching belt (both the chic Saks Fifth Avenue brand from Saks in Beverly Hills!), an eye-catching Valentino leopard clutch, and completed the bold color palette with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti platform sandals. Just like that, I’ve romped into the night!
Romper: Rory Beca (my own) | Blazer: Stella McCartney | Purse: Yves Saint LaurentShoes: Prada Open Toe Suede Wedges | Bracelets: Bing Bang | Rings: Bing Bang
Romper: Rory Beca (my own) | Scarf: Saks Fifth Avenue | Clutch: Valentino
Platform Sandals: Giuseppe Zanotti | Belt: Saks Fifth Avenue | Bracelets: Bing Bang | Rings: Bing Bang

{live fabulously}