Personal Style Outfit of the Day [Nude and Sheer Summer in the SGV]

The in-progress LA heat wave is unbearable and has triggered an irrational avoidance of clothing in me. The mere thought of covering any part of my body with a layer of fabric makes me break out in hot sweat. So, when deciding what to wear to dinner with Mom in the 105 degrees San Gabriel Valley (home to good Chinese food) weather, I seriously had a meltdown and contemplated whether wearing bra and undies can ever be argued in court in front of a fashion sympathetic judge as simply making a bold personal style fashion statement. Instead of risking arrest and possible disbarment from the CA State Bar, I opted to go sheer: naked's first cousin. 

Sheer clothing is light, breathable, does not trap heat and perpetually summer trendy. Due to its see through nature, it falls on the casual end of the style spectrum. However, it can be dressed up if adequately layered. In my outfit, the sheer vest and the tank create an opaque illusion, cancelling out their sheer nature. To turn this into workplace fashion, simply swap out the shorts for high waist jeans or pencil skirt and tuck in the tank. 

My mom took these pictures for me. I asked her to take just a few as we were on a busy street in heat trapped weather. But she insisted on trying out different angles and lighting, meticulously snapping away with the concern and energy that comes from a mother's love. And seeing that, my heart melted.

Tank: Urban Outfitters
Vest: Capulet
Shorts: Line and Dot
Sandals: Theory
Bracelet and Ring: Jenny Dayco

{live fabulously}