Personal Style [From Downtown to Hollywood] Summer's Everyday Lace

A lace top can be a tricky piece to wear day and night. The delicate intricacies of the fabric mixed with the sheer fact that it's see through tilts it to the liberal left of fashion which means lace is usually on when the sun is off. Never one to heed to any fashion rules, I set out to find a way to work the lace for business and play.

The key behind lacy versatility is balance. Don't go for a form fitting all over lace top as it'll inevitably look too dressy and sexy for work. Instead, try a loose fit where lace plays a supporting but award winning role, as is the case with my Line and Dot top. Heavy silk outlined with lace gives the top the needed sophistication to wear to work. For the day, I paired it with a boho silk maxi skirt for a soft and ethereal "I'm ready to do business, just don't expect me wear a business suit" look.

At night, I attended the Billabong Design For Humanity Block Party at the Paramount Studios backlot. A fun night of music, fashion and art benefiting the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation which brought out Young Hollywood like the cast of Glee called for an equally fun outfit. I paired the same lace top with floral ASOS jeans and minty fresh loafers which instantly brought the style sound to a party appropriate decibel.

So give lace a shot. Its elasticity may just surprise you! 

Top: Line and Dotthis and this are similar 
Skirt: Vintage
Backpack: Chanel
Wedges: Sole Society
Ring: YSL
Necklace: A Christmas gift from a friend (Thx Alice!)

Pants: ASOS
Loafers: ASOS/this is similar
Pearls: gift from my Dad's godmother. Does that make her my grand godmother?
Bracelets: H&M

{live fabulously}