ASOS Fall/AW 2012 Collection Preview-FAB Brand Spotlight

I've been officially self diagnosed as a fashion schizophrenic. No, it doesn't mean I walk around in a muu muu babbling incoherently about being the secret love child of Yves Saint Laurent and Elsa Shiapparelli. It means I'm consumed with love for fashion, all of it! The feeling of head to toe tingling exists whether I'm trying on the latest Fendi fur trimmed mohair blend sweater at Saks or hunting for vintage bling at the Rose Bowl flea market. The blending of high and low is a part of everyday life so it's only natural to apply that very same concept to fashion.

The ASOS AW 2012 collection is the perfect clothesification of high and low fashion. Heavy baroque dresses and blazers adorned with ornate jewel tones, exaggerated peplum tops in enhanced digital prints, rich suede and velvet accessories along with chunky soft yarn knits and voluminous trousers make for a rich and worldly fall clothing collection that beguiles its shopaholic friendly prices. The pieces are affordable and make for amazing looks for fall that encompass many of the autumn/winter fashion trends.

I attended a sneak preview of the collection at The Soho House in West Hollywood, a posh member's only club with a zillion dollar view. I made myself comfortable in the club bar and sitting room, a cozy but refined space decorated with reclaimed parquet floors, vintage furniture, plush armchairs, and floor to ceiling windows flaunting panoramic views. I combed through the collection meticulously and longingly, nibbling on gruyere and apricots and chit chatting with friends about summer travel plans all the while devising a stealth and brilliant plan to wear the entire collection out the heavily guarded doors. Yeah, I'm definitely crazy for fashion.

{live fabulously}