Personal Style [Lawyer Chic] How to Peplum for the Workplace

One of the reasons I decided to work for a fashion company instead of a traditional law firm is the office dress code. I simply cannot motivate myself to wear a business suit to work every single day, even if they're well tailored and crisply sharp Theory suits. Okay, you may think I'm being a tad over dramatic and maybe a little bratty. But hear me out. I can only draw stick figures, my dancing abilities are limited to that of my stint as a high school cheerleader, and my singing skills mirror that of a crow. So, personal style is pretty much IT when it comes to my mark on creativity and my expression of a personal art form. Take that away from me, and I am left with absolutely zero opportunity for artistic self-expression!

I'm lucky that my daytime attire contains very little constraints. But sometimes I do have to look the part of a legal eagle, although I never sacrifice my personal style to look the part. That's why this Maurie & Eve  peplum tank top is absolutely perfect. The peplum's subtle overskirt and gathered pleats is a welcoming departure from the monotonous conformity of summer's most popular trend.  The Greek inspired pattern is interesting but not flamboyant and pairs well with the tank's silhouette. The sheer back may be an issue but it's one that can be easily resolved by wearing a sheer nude tank underneath the tank or a cropped cardigan over it. Case closed.


Tank Top: Maurie & Eve
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent
Bracelets: Tiffany & Co, H&M, Stella & Dot