No Better Time to Get Away

I just reread my last post and I apologize if the tone sounded a bit...harsh. Aside from blogging for the fame and fortune (yes, I'm being wryly sarcastic), I write because it's therapeutic. The process provides me with a break from reality, a reality that can be harsh, sad, and even tragic at times. But fashion's never tragic-unless you're a fashion victim. It's fun, a bit frivolous and completely fantastical. It's a much needed time-out from certain realities that are just too damn real. 

At the moment, retreating to a literary haven isn't working very well. So it's time for a physical escape.

My weekend in Vegas starts in eight hours. And this is what packing for three days looks like.

Time to cut out the excess. Time to un-complicate.


  1. Have fun in Vegas, looks like you pack a great bunch of clothes x

  2. have lots of fun!

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