The Library Hotel NYC Review-Shhhh, You're Now Entering a Noise Free Zone

I swear under oath that the axiom, "New York is the city that never sleeps" holds true. During my past trips, I've gone days without sleep, unable to relax and utterly distracted and wound up by the unchained and never-ending melodies of the city. But all that changed during my recent New York Fashion Week trip when I stayed at The Library Hotel, a welcoming urban peace zone centrally located in the Times Squares district. Staying true to its namesake, the hotel is across the street from the New York Public Library while aptly offering the kind of peace and quiet that only a library can provide.

The Library Hotel staff are amazingly friendly and bend over backwards helpful. 
Each hotel floor is themed with a different catalog of books. I stayed on the Language floor
My cozy home away from home!
The multipurpose cafe/reading room
complimentary breakfast/midnight snacks/afternoon wine and cheese hour

a glimpse into the hotel's varied and abundant book collection
I totally regret not having more time to hang out on the rooftop deck. The view is amazing!

Thank you Library Hotel for providing me a much needed urban sanctuary during my hectic stay in the concrete fashion jungle. Lights out!