Kerry Washington's Weight Loss-Fab or Bad?

I first noticed the beautiful Kerry Washington when she played Julia Stile's feisty friend in Save the Last Dance. She stood out with her round doe eyes, curvy frame and well-honed acting skills. Since then, I've been cheering for her growing stardom as she made her shining mark in critically acclaimed roles in movies like Ray and The Last King of Scotland. I haven't really seen much of her in the past couple of years and if her recent startling red carpet pictures at the Emmys are any indication, it appears she's literally disappearing before our eyes!

Kerry has always been a fit and thin girl so I'm baffled by her shocking weight loss. Her once full cheeks, a signature trait of her heart shaped face, are now shruken, contributing to her eyes looking hollow and disproportionately large. I also feel like her super skinny frame is making her look a bit like a bobblehead.

What do you think? Is Kerry Washington's weight loss fab or bad?

Kerry Washington 2008 "Before" Pictures:

Kerry Washington at the 2011 Emmy Awards "After" Pictures:

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