Living in a Material World

A few weeks ago, I caught Madonna's "Truth or Dare" documentary on TV. It was filmed in 1991 and provides interesting insight into Madonna's highly controversial and chaotic life during her 1990 Blonde Ambition World Tour. At the time, she was dating Warren Beatty and it seems like even a Mr. Hollywood like himself couldn't deal with the frenetic and self-welcomed publicness that encompassed every facet of Madonna's life. He would sit in her dressing room, shake his head and mouth the word "crazy" whenever she said said or did something that was irreverent or shocking. After seeing the documentary, I totally believe they broke up because he simply couldn't keep up with her.

I had always been a passive Madonna fan but after watching the documentary, my interest in her instantly activated. Since she's not working on any music projects at the moment, I decided to check out "Material Girl," the clothing line launched by her and her daughter Lourdes for Macy's. 

The line is fun, flirty and incorporates tons of color, prints, and florals. I love that while it offers all the basics-tees, pencil skirts, and pants, it also dares to be risky by taking on tight floral dresses, moto jackets and wildly printed blouses tanks. The prices points are pretty great. I didn't see a single item hover over $60. 

I love the dress's silhouette as it can work as a great layering piece

The denim jacket fits me perfectly! It's light and thin and ideal for Spring/Summer nights

I love floral dresses! They're so versatile and can be worn to every summertime occasion

I'm a total sucker for floral shorts. I love pairing them with a muted oversized tee

I ended up purchasing this puffy floral skirt. Although the shape and length are pretty basic, the floral print really makes it shine


  1. The skirt is cute !


  2. i'm not really a madonna fan but i do like the floral shorts and skirt x

  3. Good choice with the floral skirt. I bought the floral mini w/ruffle. Hmmmm.... lovin the floral shorts as well, may have to go make a purchase :)

  4. Everything is so cute but I love that blue dress. So pretty and so versatile.

  5. I took a rhetoric of celebrity course in college and we actually studied Madonna for quite a while! I love that skirt! xoxo Marissa

  6. I love the skirt. The kicky shape and the bow belt really give it even more personality, on top of the floral print.

    I'm not a big fan of floral, but that's because I haven't found the right one yet.

    So cute.

    I'm really curious about those bow floral print shoes on the mannequin, though!

    I'm also really happy that cr*ppy Taylor Momesen is no longer the face of Material Girl.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

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