Dr. Denese HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum-Skincare Product Review

Although some people perceive face serums as an optional step in their skincare regimen, for me,  it's always been the standard. Serums can transform your skin in a major way as its concentrated liquidity is easily absorbed into the skin, much more so than moisturizers, ensuring that it penetrates deep in your skin's epidermis.

I use serums to balance out my combination skin as it helps to keep the areas around my cheeks and eyes moisturized and dewy. However, almost all of the serums I've used in the past ended up being way too oily, causing breakouts and irritation. I was in a bind. Which is greater of two evils? Dry skin that would inevitably lead to fine lines down the line (no pun intended) or irritated and blotchy skin?  I didn't want to choose.

A while ago, I received a bottle of the Dr. Denese Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum at a party. Although I had never heard of the line, I was willing to give it a try as I definitely give more credit to skincare lines developed by doctors. I guess marketing works! The serum has a very unique consistency-oily, but oil-less, hydrating but not oily. It almost felt like I was applying a light layer of collagen on my face! I loved it. After using the serum for a full month, I've noticed that the areas around my cheeks and eyes feel moisturized and balanced all day long, no longer crying out for a burst of hydration by the late afternoon. The cherry on top of this fabulous beauty sundae is that my skin has never looked better-no acne, no irritation. It's just what the doctor ordered!

Dr. Denese HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum $49