My Love's At Steak

This year, we celebrated Valentine's Day a day early with a trip to the day spa and dinner at STK on La Cienega. I'm not big on red meat, so we make it a point to eat at steakhouses for special occasions. The place was packed with couples that looked like they were on first dates, nervous and full of expectations for the expectation-laden holiday.

I love the restaurant's modern decor and vibe, a refreshing departure from other steakhouses in LA. The food was superb, with the bone-in ribeye making our top 3 list. The lump crab salad was generously lumped with crab and lightly dressed with a lemony vinaigrette. The mac n cheese was perfection, as it was superbly tasty but not too heavy. The garlic bread with pesto aioli was pure oily decadence. The only disappointment of the night was the ahi tuna tartare, which was unnecessarily oily.

Red Gingham Dress: Diab'less
 Fur Collared Cardigan: Vintage
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent "Arty"
Purse: Follis NY

I hope everyone had a fabulously romantic Valentine's Day! 

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