The Skinny on Brittany Snow

Wow, Brittany Snow has been looking quite gaunt lately. Her protruding clavicle, bony arms and a face deplete of fat leads me to draw the inevitable conclusion that she's dropped an unhealthy amount of weight recently.  I'm concerned as she proclaims to be a recovering anorexic and has publicly discussed her battle with the disease in the past.

Perhaps a lack of good job opportunities in a fiercely competitive industry has pushed her to reacquaint with unhealthy dieting habits. In a land of pseudo realities known as Hollywood, it's easy to see how someone can become consumed with striving for a dismorphic ideal of body perfection

Do you think Brittany Snow is too thin?

Dec 2010

November, 2008


  1. she lost a few pounds because she recently appeard in a new issue of Maxium, which is about to come out this month or next. She has gone 16 months without doing anything that would be un healthy toward her body. i know her pretty well. By the way check out Harry's Law, in which she plays Cathy Bates assistant.

  2. John, thanks for the info! I think she's a talented and beautiful actress and I wish her all the best.

    So relieved to hear she's healthy!!!!!

  3. She does look a bit thin but it might be partly due to the hairstyle. Glad to hear she's healthy, though... Must say I love the second dress!
    xo Josie

  4. way tooo skinny, really not a fan of that look. x

  5. Curvy > angular.

    However, these photos are deceiving. They're taken from different angles, the dress in the first one is tighter, and in the second, she's slouching really badly, which gives her body a more rounded look. She looks skinny in the first, but upon closer inspection, she has really toned muscles! Yea, muscles!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  6. I thought she looked really skinny too when I saw a recent photo of her with Zac Efron. I hope she is healthy though. I've always thought she is very beautiful.