Shocking Makeovers...Mask or Makeup?

This photo gallery of before/after makeovers is a little shocking. I get that a lot of girls in Asian countries are absolutely obsessed with achieving the anime, doll-like look.  But at what cost? These girls definitely do look cuter in the "after" pictures, but their own facial features have been lost in the makeover. You can't even see the natural shape of their eyes!

What do you think?  Are they taking it a little too far by using makeup to completely mask their faces versus using it to enhance what their mommas gave them?


  1. The transformation in #3 is tremendous. I still can recognize other gals though. =D

  2. I think a big part of it has to do with camera angles. Have you ever met someone in person who you've previously only seen in pictures and been like, "uh, did someone steal your identity online?"

  3. Wow it's amazing how different they look! I wouldn't recognize them.

    I see what you mean though... I think makeup should be used to enhance and not to change.

  4. Wow these transformations are quite drastic! I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know im a fan now! :)

  5. hi.. just found your blog.. you have a great one.. and i like it..
    about this post is really socking.. i'm from asia too, but i'm indonesian.. the girls on those pics are actually from japan or china..
    yes they are like doll.. esp on their eyes..

    such a great post darl..


  6. Yes, it is a drastic change but at least its done tastefully. You take any town in the UK and you will see sooo many girls going out on a Friday night who are in at least an inch of orange fake tan and foundation with false eyelashes and too much blusher. Its just sad. I think that is far worse!

    Class is in minimal makeup to accentuate your natural features.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Blargh. Anyone who trolls makeup guru blogs on YouTube, or watches any of the beauty makeup videos or reads tutorials from the runway or makeup artists, knows that makeup is transformative.

    Sure normal people in an everyday situation shouldn't be wearing gobs of makeup, but dramatic makeup isn't out of place everywhere. A night out, a nice dinner, a rock and roll date, a concert, a part, c'mon.

    Also, you have to take cultural context into consideration here. In Asia, esp East Asia, transforming your face with makeup is the norm, not the other way around. These girls are doing nothing out of the ordinary, so culturally speaking, they are doing nothing against cultural or social mores. It's expected, if anything. It's acceptable to be a different person in their photos.

    #'s 1, 3 and 5 aren't actually that egregiously different. The colored and circle contacts suck, and the lashes definitely are over the top, but they're mainly just using mascara, creative eyelining and strategic highlighting eyeshadow to enhance their eye shape and size. I do that. Honestly, there's nothing dishonest about that type of makeup application. There are no loud colours here, and they're not excessively contouring their faces... And the end result, esp in #3, is really cute. I actually think she and #5 did the best jobs on their makeup. I think she still looks like herself, granted her before photo is really unflattering, but, from a really critical beauty junkie's eye, I think her eye and face shape is still the same. She just filled in her brows, and did a slightly smoky eye effect.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  8. It`s a common thing for the young girls from Asia to transform themselves like this. If u`d see the ones which they commute to school, work etc.. They get on the train in one way, and get off tottaly different. ;))
    For myself, I really like their doll faces. We would do the same, if we could. And some fake eyelashes change anybody, asian or not.
    To me they are a source of inspiration.
    They challenge me to pay more attention on how I look.

  9. I appreciate reading all of your differing and valid viewpoints!

    My main concern is for these girls to not lose their sense of self-identity through the transformation process.

  10. It's a very big difference, I think you should only use makeup to make yourself a little more beautiful, not to change yourself into a barbiedoll. I've a girl like that on my school, it's really like she's wearing a mask.. creepy haha.
    Love, Donna.