Hong Cho Red Vinegar Drink-Diet and Cleanses

During the month of October, I pretty much abused and neglected my body.  While in Hong Kong, my diet consisted of carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a splash of protein here and there.  After I got back, I was pretty much bedridden and on the "I'm too sick to care what I'm eating but not sick enough to lose my appetite" diet for a week.  Now that I'm back on my feet, I'm ready to do some heavy body detox.

I'm kick starting my diet reset by downing a cup of Hong Cho pomegranate red vinegar drink every morning.  The vinegar is supposed to help flush out toxins and promote a healthy metabolism.  I love the tangy pomegranate flavor and the drink keeps me full and full of energy in the mornings. Here's to finishing 2010 on a healthy and strong note!