Shanghai Girl-1930s Vintage Fashion

I'm going to a fun party tonight that's themed "A Evening in 1930s Shanghai."  I've been thinking about outfit options all day.  I'm not going to wear a traditional cheongsan (qi pao) as it might be a bit too formal for the event.  Instead, I'm opting for a simple dress accented with black lace gloves, black birdcage veil, and red lipstick.  Curled hair is a must.  I wish my grandmother lived in LA so I could dig through her vintage wear while listening to her stories about glamorous Shanghai in the 30s.

I heart my birthplace.  

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Pictures please! you must have looked fabulous in that dress!
    I also dressed like that for a 1920's cabaret evening. Just a chinese blouse, a black fitting skirt with frills, couture tights, lace gloves, finger curls and red lipstick.
    I'd love to have my granma talk me about the glamourous Shanghai while looking at her outfits (for me it'd be Saigon in the 30's). People were then so elegant!


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