Candid Interview with Jeffrey Campbell, Shoe Designer Extraordinare

I'm back in LA (again)!  I feel like I've been living out of my suitcase for the past month and as much as I love to travel, there's definitely no place like LA to come home to.  What can I say?  I truly cannot see myself living anywhere BUT here.  =)

As you know, I was in Vegas a couple of times this month for work and during one of my visits, I had the fortuitous opportunity to meet and converse with the man behind the brand, Mr. Jeffrey Campbell!  Not only did I meet him, I also got a sneak peak at their Spring 2011 collection.  It's going to be platforms galore!

Jeffrey Campbell is such a humble and gracious person who's truly appreciative of his success.  Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

goodbadnfab:  Your brand has seen a lot of success lately with knockouts like the Lita and the Foxy.  Do you plan on opening any retail stores in the future?
JC:  No, no plans at all.  We don't want to compete with our retail customers.  That wouldn't be very nice.

goodbadnfab:  What is the design process like at JC?
JC:  It's a collaborative process.  The designers all work as a team.  I definitely cannot take sole credit credit for the designs as the brand is not just about me.  It's about everyone who works at Jeffrey Campbell.  I'm so lucky to work with such talented people.

goodbadnfab:  I'm loving all the conceptual shoes gracing the editorials that's drawing inspiration from animal hooves.  Any JC hooves in the works?
JC:  Aren't all of our shoes a bit hoof-like?

goodbadnfab:  Where is the Jeffrey Campbell headquarter?
JC:  In Los Angeles
goodbadnfab:  Ooooo, does that mean we have JC sample sales to look forward to?
JC:  Sorry, but the factory only sends one shoe for each sample!

He's such a sweetheart!

Here are some of my favs from the Jeffrey Campbell fall 2010 collection:

Jeffrey Campbell "Tube"

Jeffrey Campbell "Shaw"

Jeffrey Campbell "Charli"

Jeffrey Campbell "Stevie"

Jeffrey Campbell "Take 2"

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita"


  1. Holy crap, you met the infamous JC? I am rippling with envy at this moment and tingling with happiness for you to have done so.

    This is such a great interview. I love that he gives credit to the entire team for the shoe creations and doesn't take the whole slice for himself. That shoes a nice humility that is both refreshing and necessary in the fashion world.

    Personally, I think I digged him more when it was less hoofy, a bit more girly, less space-booty and a bit more architectural at the same time. The ruffle T Strap platforms, the Maya patent platform sandal, cuffed booties, the Camp mummy strapped sandal bootie. The current collections seem more wrestling shoe and clowny disco platform inspired than high design to me. There are a couple of knock outs, though (no pun intended), like the 99s, the Mariel/Take 2, Mary Roks, the Broome and Xenon. In my personal opinion.

    I can't wait to see what other styles he comes out with for Fall.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

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