7 Surprising Ways My Second Pregnancy Is Different Than My First

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Spoiler alert: it's much more uncomfortable!

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{I Started Showing A Lot Earlier}
It's like muscle memory but with the opposite effect. The skin around my stomach is looser and stretchier now so it expands much more quickly. I stopped fitting into my jeans in the first trimester and by the middle of the second trimester, my belly had popped. It's been a struggle finding comfortable clothes without going into full-blown mumu territory so I've had to really dig hard and deep. I've been wearing a lot of comfortable and chic maternity dresses from Pink Blush and when I'm home, I live in Saint Haven loungewear. Their leggings feel like second skin!

{I'm Perpetually Tired}
During my first pregnancy, I was going on three hour hikes few days before giving birth. Not this time. I get winded easily and can't seem to ever shake the feeling of sleepiness. I know some people are wary of drinking coffee during pregnancy but I need all the boost I can get. So I reach for a cup when I'm truly in desperate need of a perk-me-up. According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, drinking a 10 oz cup of brewed coffee a day is perfectly safe for the baby. 

{Nothing Tastes Good}
During the first trimester every single food triggered a stubborn metallicky aftertaste. I couldn't enjoy anything at all which is really tragic because I love food. The nail on the coffin was when I reached for a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos and almost gagged because it tasted like chalk. Now that I'm in my third trimester, the aftertaste has gradually subsided but food still doesn't taste quite as good as it used to. I've found that chewing a piece of fruit gum or sucking on a jolly rancher after meals help to clear my palate.

{My Stomach Feels Like It's About To Rip Open After Every Meal}
If I have anything resembling a normal size meal, my stomach feels tight and full, like all the muscles are expanded to their maximum capacity. I think this might have to do with the position and placement of the placenta because I don't hear about this from other moms.

{People Keep Asking Me If I'm Going To Try For A Third}
During my first pregnancy, everyone was so excited when I told them I was having a boy. But now when they hear I'm having another boy, they skip over the congratulations and ask if I'm going to have a third probably because they all know how much I want a daughter. I have to be honest, I cried when I first found out I was having another boy. I guess I'd always expected and assumed I'd have a daughter-someone to go shopping with, to dress up as my mini-me, an heir apparent to my closet of shoes and purses.

{I Don't Take Any Bump Photos}
During the first pregnancy, M would take my bump photo every Sunday morning. Now our weekend mornings are spent snuggling and playing with Des, getting him dressed, cooking breakfast, and basically just being immersed in mom life.

{My Nose Is Always Stuffy}
This has been the weirdest and most unexpected pregnancy symptom! It's called pregnancy rhinitis and affects about 30% of pregnancies. The increase in estrogen thickens the inner membrane of the nose causing nasal congestion and other cold-like symptoms. Allergy medication doesn't help and I can't take any decongestants so there's really no cure until I push the baby out of me. Fun times!

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