A Red Carpet Inspired Short Wavy Hair Tutorial

short wavy hair
Inspired by award season glam, I'm sharing a red carpet inspired short hair tutorial!

hairstyle for short hair
 I must admit I'm a little sad that award season is coming to an end with the Oscars this weekend as I've had so much fun admiring the glam red carpet looks. Inspired by the wide range of red carpet hairstyles, particularly for short hair, I've decided to create my very first short hair tutorial! This is one of the first times I've curled my short hair and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the process. Scroll down for a step-by-step look!
short hair tutorial
{step 1} Split hair into two sections and clip the top section. Day old hair works best for holding curls so try not to shampoo your hair that day. If you're worried about oily roots, use a dry shampoo. My favorite is from PYT as it soaks up the oil and provides added volume to my roots. 
how I curl my short hair
{step 2} Curl sections of hair away from face. I like using the PYT 25 mm digital curler wand as it's clip-free and creates natural looking wavy curls
how to curl short hair
{step 3} Repeat on the other side
how to style short hair
{step 4} Don't forget the back! The PYT curling wand is super lightweight making it easy to reach and get to the back section
using my PYT curling wand
{step 5} For the front sections, curl towards your face
how I style my short hair
{step 6} Create a side part
styling my short hair
{step 7} Tuck your hair behind your ears and clip one side with your favorite hair barrette. For a glossy finish, use a finishing gloss like the PYT selfie ready gloss serum.
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