The Most Stylish and Affordable Diaper Bag Backpacks

fashion diaper bag skip hop greenwich
Sharing how I stay organized and stylish with the chic diaper bag that gets all the compliments plus 20 more fabulous options!

best diaper bag backpack skip hop greenwich
Skip Hop Greenwich diaper bag | Boohoo camel coat | Roger Vivier heels

During the first year of motherhood, my diaper bag was essentially an extra limb. I never went anywhere without it and its content saved the day in more than a few sticky situations. And by sticky, I mean the glorious blowout kind. And of course, as a newbie mom, I overcompensated for not having a clue by overstuffing my diaper bag with everything in sight, from three extra milk bottles to twelve pairs of socks. Needless to say, it was unnecessarily heavy and impractical and became nearly impossible to lug around along with my ever-growing baby. I was perpetually lopsided, weighed down by fifty pound of unnecessaries. It was not a good look.

By month three, my shoulders couldn't take it anymore so I started looking for a smarter and more chic option. I quickly found it in the Skip Hop Greenwich diaper backpack. It has compartments, side and front pockets, thick straps, and comes in an array of neutral hues like tan, rose, olive green, and gray. It's caused a viral sensation in my life as no less than eight of my mom friends now have it too. Yeah, it's that good.



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