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My eyebrows are naturally thin, a product of my Asian genes and over-plucking in high school. Over the years, I've sought out the perfect arch, density, and shape through hours of trial and error and countless purchases of eyebrow pencils, gels, and powders. Though I'm in a pretty happy place with the look of my drawn-in eyebrows, the fact that I have to draw them in or risk having the world tell me "Oh, you look tired" is quite the daily time commitment. Tired of this, I sought out permanent makeup to save some time and to add some permanent shape to my brows. 

Upon the recommendation of several friends, I went to Beauty and Brows LA. With microblading being one of the biggest beauty trends of the past year, I went in fully expecting to get bladed but after taking a crash course in permanent makeup from Ali the brow guru, I quickly changed my tune and opted for ombre powder. 

{Ombre Powder}
This is a permanent makeup tattoo technique using shading which goes over the brows in layered strokes. Because it goes over the same area multiple times, the pigmentation is softer and produces a diffused and natural look. This also means the color fades more naturally and gradually. Results from one session and one touch-up will last around eighteen months.

A thin blade is dipped in ink and color is applied manually stroke by stroke. It's not suitable for oily skin and is the preferred method for those that already have thick brows but want a more filled in and defined look. Because the strokes resemble individual hairs, this technique would make my already thin eyebrows look very unnatural. Plus, the color starts in fade in about seven months which could potentially leave bald spots for those with thin brows. 

Although I still have to fill in my brows a little as I haven't gone in for my touch-up session, it's already saved me so much time in the mornings and I no longer look tired without any makeup on. I highly recommend the treatment for busy people looking for ways to shave off time from their makeup routine. And if you're in LA, go to my girl Ali