Beauty Tips | The Most Natural Fake Eyelashes Look

false eyelashes application natural look asian eyes
Here's the best way to apply false eyelashes to achieve the most natural look.

best eyelash application natural look asian eyes
how to apply false eyelashes natural look
best eyelash application natural look
Wearing Esqido Lashes in "Lash Named Desire"

Thanks to Youtube, I've learned that I've been applying false eyelashes all wrong. It turns out the best way to apply them is....sit down if you need them underneath your real lashes. Earth shattering, I know. This will eliminate that awkward lash line while retaining volume and length which means you no longer need to apply eyeliner when wearing falsies. The result? Natural looking lashes that mimic the look of eyelash extensions.

Application tip: apply the glue to the top of the false eyelashes and use a tweezer to affix them below your real lashes.



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