Weekend Style | Lunar New Year

I can't wait to share the meaning of Lunar New Year with my son.

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Naked Zebra dress | Yung Squared trench | Gucci heels | Saint Laurent purse

Growing up in Shanghai, Lunar New Year was a big deal. It was basically Christmas, July Fourth, and Thanksgiving rolled up into one as we'd stuff our faces with food, gift red envelopes of cash, and blast chains and chains of firecrackers. Most importantly, it was a time to celebrate and to be with family. We'd always go to my grandparents' house even though getting there was quite the trek. The weather was near freezing so we waddled in at least five layers which made fighting the bus crowds  nearly impossible. My mom would push me on first and yell "my daughter's already up there" in case anyone tried to get in between us. We couldn't show up empty-handed so we always brought live poultry like chicken or duck along with a plethora of candy, cookies, and fresh fruit. No matter how tough the journey, all was forgotten once we arrived as the smell of food and the sound of overlapping conversations drowned out everything else. The sense of family and togetherness never felt stronger. 

Celebrating Lunar New Year has always been one of my favorite childhood moments and now that I'm a Mom, I want to share my culture, my heritage, and my roots with my son. He may not live in China as I once did but I hope through my stories and holidays like Lunar New Year he can get a glimpse of my childhood and what it means to be Chinese. On February 17, we're going to Santa Monica Place for their Lunar New Year celebration which will feature Chinese stilt walkers, traditional music, arts and crafts, and dragon dance. We got a sneak peek a few days ago and I cannot wait to see his face light up tomorrow. It'll be a new experience for him-one that's steeped in nostalgia for me.