Vacation Style | Island Dress

In my Free People floral midi dress on a romantic rendezvous with M in Kauai.

About a month ago, M and I made the ballsy move to go to Kauai by ourselves to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I was a mess the days leading up to the trip ridden with mom guilt. Could I handle leaving him for a few days? What if he couldn't handle it? Could the nanny and my parents handle it? On the morning of our flight, as our plane left the tarmac, I fought back tears and separation anxiety leaving behind my baby and a short novel filled with detailed instructions and pages of emergency contacts. 

I thought the guilt would stay with me throughout the trip but the moment I breathed in the mellow palm tree infused Kauai air, the stress and anxiety melted away. We really took in the island-going on helicopter tours, zip lining through three hour adventures, feasting at every meal, and enjoying glorious uninterrupted naps. It was one of my favorite trips as every finite moment alone with M was magnified, cherished and appreciated. 

With baby inching towards his first birthday, what was once my new normal is now just normal. I'm still learning to juggle the multiple hats I wear, still struggling to find a renewed sense of self detached and independent from my role as a mom, a wife, a lawyer. And of course, I'm still figuring out how to update my quasi-abandoned blog on the regular. But I have figured out one thing-romantic rendezvous with the hubby preferably on a sexy island is a yearly if not bi-annual must.