GBF Food | Grateful for Crateful

I tried Crateful's chef prepared meal delivery service for ten days and here are the photos of every yummy bite.

Scrambled eggs with tomato, herbs and green leaves
Petrale sole with roasted carrots and sweet potatoes
Pasta a la normal with eggplant and tomato sauce
Tofu stir fry
chilled asparagus soup
Turkey burger and spaghetti
Praga ham with revggies
breakfast omelette and veggie sandwich 
chef salad with market vegetables
Veggie English muffin with omelette
Crab salad
Aromatic herbs steamed salmon with eggplant parmigiana
quinoa burger with tofu and grilled veggies
butternut squash lasagna
Mahi mahi with veggie lasagna
Roasted tofu with veggies
charred octopus salad

I love to eat, hate to cook. Before the baby, M and I ate out almost every night and home cooking consisted of a rotating cast of pasta and mapo tofu with rice. Well, we kissed that carefree chapter goodbye now that the baby's 7pm bedtime keeps us at home on most nights. I'm perfectly fine with eating a salad or sandwich or even digging up some old crackers and a can of forgotten soup a few nights a week but M insists on a hot meal.  Every single night. So I've had to get a little bit creative in escaping cooking duties like ordering locally sourced, Italian inspired, chef prepared meals from Crateful. Each meal is hand-delivered and packaged in bio-degradable plates ready to be heated up or devoured as is. I like using our Miele steam oven to reheat as it captures the flavor and texture of the fresh ingredients and helps make every meal feel home cooked.

We tried it (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for ten days and the hubby and I agree it's the most inventive and palate rich meal delivery service we've ever tried. Aside from the convenient dinners, I also loved the breakfast and lunch options as they're portioned perfectly and packed for on-the-go eating. It's the perfect meal delivery service for foodies who hate to cook and have a six months old baby that's got them on lockdown.