Interior Decor | Morning Meditation

Sharing my unconventional morning meditation routine.

I've officially accepted the reality that the days of sleeping in are a thing of the past.  Baby D wakes up like a well-tuned alarm clock at 7am sharp every single morning. And he doesn't come with a snooze button. Once he wakes up my world becomes a tough SoulCycle sesh that tests my endurance, stamina, and will power to stay awake. We play for a few minutes before his hunger pangs kick in. I feed him, I burp him, burp him some more, he spits up, I change him, he spits on me, I don't have time to change, we play, I attempt to pump while playing with him, play some more, read him a book and as soon as his first yawn sets in, I jump up to swaddle him while he fights me and the battle of the nap ensues. Once he's finally asleep, I torpedo into the bathroom to take a quick shower with my eyes glued to the video monitor, brush my teeth, wash my face, and if there's time, eat breakfast before he wakes up again. In the mornings I rarely have a moment to myself much less time to breathe so I've been using the few minutes it takes to make the bed as my morning meditation as there's just something soothing and calming about tidying up a messy bed. And if I'm feeling really frazzled, I make the bed extra sloooowly.

I've been dressing up our bed with some new shag pillows and a lush faux fur blanket from Pottery Barn. They're much more inviting and cozy than our old pillows and makes me want to just fall into them and succumb to a deep nap. But that hasn't happened yet. On occasion, I'd make the bed and just sort of lay on it for a few seconds, inhale, exhale. But as soon as I drift off, the baby wakes up. Of course. So for now, the pillows are for display only.