Fab Find | The Best Push Presents for the New Mom

A new mom's guide to picking out the best push presents that she actually needs and will absolutely love!

 I first heard of push presents a few years ago from a guy friend who was asking me what to gift his then pregnant wife to thank her for going through nine months of pain, nauseous, unavoidable weight gain, hormonal ragers, and all the other joys of pregnancy culminating with the baby being thrust out of an orifice that miraculously stretches to ten times its normal size. I instinctively answered, "Diamonds. Or a Birkin." I'm not sure if he went with my recommendation as perhaps he was hoping for something a bit more economical. In any event, now that I've gone through the the pregnancy, the push, the whole shebang, I'd like to revise my answer.
Yes, getting new bling is always fabulous and no girl would turn down a Birkin but those gifts don't really do much for a new mom who's perpetually knee deep in poopie diapers, is a human milk factory, and has bags under her eyes that not even the most potent eye cream can erase. She's gone through hell and back and deserves to be showered with a gift filled with meaning and love. And that doesn't mean you need to max out your credit card. At a time when everyone is doting on the new baby, it's important to shower her with attention which is why putting thought into the gift is so important.  Instead of valuing the dollar amount, value how the gift will positively impact her life  and give her the two things she really needs right now: to look good and to feel good.

{feel good push presents}

Weekly Flowers and Love Notes
Show her that you're thinking of her and gift her flowers every week for the tough first month attached with a special love note!

 Meal Delivery Service
The last thing she wants to worry about is cooking right now. And since eating out is logistical impractical at the moment, sign up for meal delivery services like Crateful and Blue Apron.

At-Home Massage
Bring the masseuse to her! It's a bit more expensive than going to a massage place but trust me, the convenience is worth it!

Book an advance vacation to somewhere tropical and fabulous so she knows that even though she's stressed, sleep deprived, and oh-so tired right now, it's only temporary and that soon enough she'll be on a white sandy beach somewhere sipping mai tai with the present a distant memory. 

{look good push presents}

Spa Treatments
Don't just hand her a gift card because trust me she won't have the time to use it. Instead, book it and promise her you'll keep the baby alive while she's gone.

Laser Treatments
I've been hearing amazing things about the Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment which promises to tighten the skin and minimize sun spots. During pregnancy and nursing, procedures like botox and fillers are absolute no-nos so laser treatments are a great alternative.

On-Demand At Home Blowouts
These days, she probably doesn't have time to even wash much less style her hair. So bring the glam team to her with an at-home blowout! My go to apps are beglammed and Glam App.

Sexy Lingerie
If she's nursing, I'm sure she feels anything but sexy right now in those shapeless nursing bras so gift her something lacy, expensive and over-the-top impractical from La Perla.

photos by Katie Doherty