Weekly Food Diary | Alfred's Matcha & Homemade Gnocchi

This week's food diary takes on a healthier menu but leaves room for chocolate and ice cream sandwiches!

This will probably be my last full length weekly food diary as I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy and chaos is setting in soon. But I'm not going to stop with the food porn! Instead, I'll be shifting to a weekly "Good, Bad, and Fab Eats" series sharing the best and the worst meals of the week. It'll be a just the highlights version of the weekly food diary!

12pm: After a morning doctor's appointment and errands running, I make myself a "super bowl" a term I'm using for the nutritionally dense bowls I eat pretty much every day. Today I'm having chia seed pudding and nonfat yogurt topped with frozen berries, sliced bananas, hempseed, flaxseed, and granola. 
2pm: At the Lilly Pulitzer preview event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, I have a small cup of coffee. 
4pm: I'm starving and snack on an apple and two slices of Manchego cheese.
7pm: I make pesto gnocchi with chicken, mushrooms, and broccoli and serve it with a side of beet and cucumber salad. It's freakin' delicious and I can't stop raving about it throughout the meal.

9pm: Grapes and a persimmon.

12pm: I make myself a tofu and cucumber salad dressed with sliced almonds and a little bit of sea salt and have it with the last of my black rice porridge.

2pm: I snack on some snap pea chips and a persimmon.
6pm: At the Motorola holiday preview event at EP & LP in West Hollywood, I have a two mini fried chicken sliders and a spring roll.
7:30pm: After the event, I stop by Daikokuya to pick up food for M and I have a few bites of his chasu pork fried rice and make myself a chia seed pudding and yogurt super bowl.

12pm: At the Wetherly fall preview, I sip on Alfred's matcha latte while perusing fab fall apparel, accessories, and beauty products. I don't know if it's the matcha or maybe the piece of chocolate caramel I inhale but all of a sudden I'm feeling giddy for fall!
2pm: I sip on my Juice Served Here Jinga Greens and make myself the same tofu salad as yesterday but this time with toasted sunflower seeds.
7pm: After a sunset maternity shoot by the beach, M and I head to Brick + Mortar in Santa Monica and share their delicious and super stacked burger and bbq chicken pizza.

11am: I have a small bowl of fiber rich Raisin Brans with almond milk and ground flaxseed.
1pm: I'm at UCLA attending my Dad's ceremony at the East Asian Library where he's donating a collection of past manuscripts, photos, and books. The lunch reception is filled with Asian fried favs like kimchi pancakes, sesame balls, chasu pork bun, and egg rolls.
7pm: Still really stuffed from the fried carbs at lunch, I make myself a spinach, broccoli, and mushroom salad sprinkled with sunflower seeds. It's delicious, filling, and contains all the prenatal nutrients I need.

9pm: I have a small red bean mochi and egg tart swiped from the lunch reception.

1pm: I make myself the same salad as last night and have it with a side of persimmon.
7pm: We go to Gardens of Taxco, a oldie but goodie Mexican restaurant in the heart of West Hollywood that M has wanted to try since college. Due to high rents, the restaurant is shutting down in a few weeks so I'm glad we got to check it off his restaurant bucket list. I have chips and salsa and the most tender cubed steak drenched in tomatillo sauce.
9pm: I have fun size Kit Kat.

1pm: A small portion of M's Acai bowl.
7pm: At my friend's wedding at the Friendly Hills Country Club in Whittier, I catch up with friends while enjoying a delicious cut of prime rib with mashed potatoes and greens. For dessert, I have a mini cupcake, slice of cake, and Hong Kong style egg waffles.

12pm: Yes, it's finally raining in LA! I have a spinach and tofu salad with roasted corn, edamame, and sunflower seeds.

1pm: While eating a persimmon, it dawns on me the fruit looks like a mini pumpkin.
7pm: Feeling a little under the weather, I get the oxtail pho at Phorage to warm me up. It's so good and exactly what I need!
9pm: An ice cream sandwich at Diddy Reese in Westwood to end the week.