Weekly Food Diary | Fancy at Neuehouse & An Elusive Search For Asian Food

This week's food diary features a ton of blogger events and an epic search for food on a Friday night in the Valley.

You know, it's such a strange phenomenon to be gaining so much weight in such a short period of time. At 5'4 1/2, I've pretty much averaged 110 lbs for the past decade and have grown accustomed to the familiarity of my size and how clothes fit me. Now that I'm pregnant, thigh gap has been lost, ass has widened, and I've been steadily gaining about a pound a week since the second trimester. And no matter how much I work out (about 3-4 times a week), the thickening of my body just keeps on trucking. Rapid weight gain-yet another joy of motherhood the male sex will never get to indulge in. Lucky us. Luckier them.

12pm: Chia seed pudding. 
7pm: Homemade pasta with meat sauce and sauteed veggies.
9pm: Galia melon and a small milk chocolate bar. 

11am: Cereal with berries, sliced banana, and ground flaxseed.
2:30pm: I'm surprisingly famished even though cereal usually fills me up for a while and snack on an apple.
6pm: I make a Greek salad and nuke some leftover pasta.
10pm: A cup of Luigi's Strawberry Italian Ice while watching new episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine and New Girl.

10am: An apple on the go.
12:30pm: Lunch with WEI Beauty at Neuehouse in Hollywood where I chat and brush up on my Chinese with the brand's founder. She is hilarious, warm, and is a big foodie. We make plans to meet up for dinner in Shanghai after the baby is born. Over heirloom tomatoes and burrata salad, grilled tofu with kale, and an irresistible lemon pound cake while sitting alongside Jamie King and Jamie Chung, lunch on a Wednesday is served.

3pm: Iced tea at Verve after my routine doctor's appointment. It's always a treat to hear the baby's heartbeat!
7pm: Homemade mushroom quesadilla with a side of sauteed spinach.

11am: Cereal.
1pm: A cup of latte at The Assembly in West Hollywood. It's a quiet cafe tucked away off of Melrose and Robertson-perfect for studying or working!

6pm: A small piece of rack of lamb, grilled veggies, and fish ceviche at the philosophy event at Quixote Studios celebrating their new CoolAger launch.
8pm: A few pieces of fries at The Doheny Room in West Hollywood while celebrating Ciate's fall palette launch. I love the restaurant's banana leaf covered second floor and can't wait to come back for dinner!
9pm: Leftover fried rice as I melt into the couch exhausted from a full day of being out and about even though this would've been a very normal day pre-pregnancy,

12pm: Cereal.
2pm: Apple.
8pm: I'm starving and craving some Asian food. But alas, food will allude me for a while as we go on an epic fail in search of it. We decide to head down to the Valley for some Korean bbq but the only kbbq resto in town has a long wait and it's super smoky inside. No worries, there are plenty of options. We then head to an Asian fusion restaurant that ends up being an unappetizing hole in the wall. We leave and try our hand at the pho place next to 99 Ranch Market. It's crowded so we go two doors down to Sam Woo which is equally crowded. I see a Carl's Jr across the street and am about to jaywalk over for some criss cut fries and a Western Bacon Cheeseburger as the baby is now eating the lining of my stomach. But M spots another pho place next to Carl's Jr and that's where we finally end up. The meat in my pho is subpar but I'm too hungry to notice.

12pm: Lunch with family at a Chinese restaurant near their house.
6pm: An assortment of taro bun from 85 Degrees, watermelon, and mooncake while watching Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown.

11am: I make veggie omelettes and heat up some hash browns for a delicious brunch at home.

2pm: Another 85 degrees taro bun. I'm an addict.
7pm: I eat every morsel of the seasonal grains salad with shredded chicken at Mendocino Farm. It's so good and the perfect healthy end to my week!

9pm: A bowl of watermelon.