Another Surprise Announcement

Perhaps even more surprising than my wedding news, I'm so excited to share that I'm.... months pregnant! And OMG it feels so good to finally write those words! Although we've been spilling the fabulous news to friends and family for months now, I wanted to wait to write about on my blog and share it on social media because at a time when oversharing is the norm, it's been nice and refreshing to keep it private. But now I'm at the stage where there's simply no top or dress billowy enough to hide the bump anymore. It'd been like the big elephant in the room, well, belly. Plus, being pregnant for the first time has been a savorable and completely unique experience and I'm excited to create, tell, and share new stories about this incredible journey into motherhood that will undoubtedly be filled with good, bad, and absolutely fabulous moments. 

 Our baby boy arrives late November! I don't think I've ever loved anything or anyone so much without having even met them yet!