Weekly Food Diary | The Good And A Very Bad

 My weekly food diary featuring two ridiculously fab LA restaurants and one ridiculously bad one.

12pm: A Granny Smith apple as I rush out to a doctor's appointment.
2pm: I make a berry bowl using frozen strawberries, half of a frozen banana, almond milk, water, and a small scoop of Greek yogurt...and add my usual toppings.
7pm: I make pasta with meat sauce mixing protein infused rotini with three cheese tortellini. We have it with a side of garlic pea shoots. So delicious, so filling, so comforting. I prefer homemade pasta over restaurant (unless it's the spaghetti bolognese at La Scala) because the sauce is always healthier and not so heavy which means I get to eat more pasta.
9pm: A scoop of cookie dough ice cream.

12pm: Greek yogurt with berries, granola, and ground sesame seeds.
4pm: thinkthin Chunky Peanut Butter Protein Bar.
8pm: California Chicken Cafe signature salad with dark meat chicken.

11am: A Kashi dark chocolate granola bar before an intense Physique 57 barre class.
1pm: The vegan cobb salad at Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills.
3pm: Iced coffee at the Nespresso cafe in Beverly Hills.
8pm: Chowing down on a carnivorous steak dinner at STK sampling their GiltCityLA menu. We start with the toy melon salad and the tuna tartare then move on to my favorite cut of red meat: the bone-in ribeye. We have it with sides of mac n cheese and haricot vert. For dessert, we go all out and sample the baked cookie a la mode, donut holes filled with caramel, and a chocolate marshmallow mousse. The meal is so good and so decadent that we take hours to recover before falling into an early food induced slumber.

11am: A bowl of cereal with frozen berries.
3pm: String cheese and a nectarine doused in Tanjin.

8pm: We planned on going to Ruen Pair for dinner but there's a wait and I'm starving so we head across the plaza to Thai Patio for one of the worst meals in recent memory. The papaya salad taste like it's been sitting under the sun for hours and lack the essential citrusy sweet and tart flavor. The larb is horrendous as it's just pieces of bland minced pork sticking together. I drown it in chili flakes to make it edible. The Tom Yum Khai soup looks so sad with just bits of mushrooms and dried chicken floating around. The green curry is basically under-flavored green liquid. The only dish I like is the pad thai and even that needs four extra lime wedges to bring out any flavor and mask the overly sweet taste. I was too disappointed to take any photos. We're never coming back.
11pm: Froyo at Yogurtland in Santa Monica to combat the sour taste left by dinner.

12pm: A yummy lunch at Trejo's Tacos to make up for last night's dinner. We sample a medley of both their on-menu and off-menu items like the guac, street corn (so good!), steak asada taco, blackened salmon taco (my fav), fried chicken lettuce wrap, quinoa tostada, and quesadilla.

8pm: We have breakfast for dinner as I make blueberry and banana pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs. I use the wrong pan to make the pancakes so the first batch is scrambled pancakes. But they're still delicious albeit ugly as hell.
10pm: Nectarine and Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Froyo!

11am: They're working on the backsplash in our kitchen so I make an easy lunch-a bowl of cereal with frozen berries.
2pm: Iced coffee at Starbucks.
5pm: String cheese and Granny Smith apple.
7pm: I make a ham and cheese sandwich with a side of baby carrots. Then I snack on some trail mix and ultimately can't help but down a bowl of cookie dough ice cream while sitting in front of the TV. I do end up going to the gym later to repent for eating ice cream on a Monday.

12pm: My kitchen is still occupied so I have cereal for lunch-Raisin Brans, frozen berries, half a banana, and a spoonful of ground flaxseed.
3pm: Iced coffee at Starbucks. Deja vu!
7pm: I try UberEats for the first time and order an antipasto salad for myself and some hot wings for M. I finish half of my salad with two slices of deep dish from Fresh Brothers that M brought home the night before.

9pm: Nectarine with a generous sprinkling of Tanjin.