Weekly Food Diary | Google HQ & Caviar at Petrossian

This week's food diary features caviar at Petrossian, a special menu at Plan check, and lots of meals
at Google HQ.

12pm: Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh peach. Go and buy some peaches! They're in peak season and are so juicy and sweet.
5pm: Granny Smith apple.
7pm: Dinner with Ted Baker at Au Fudge in West Hollywood celebrating their new Colours By Numbers collection. We sample a medley of appetizers including heirloom tomatoes with burrata, kale salad, avocado salad, avocado toast, and truffle fries before moving on to the mains. I finish half of my salmon and all of my baby carrot mash. For dessert, I eat my sticky toffee pudding and take a few bites of my friend's berry cream as she had to leave early. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a dessert scavenger.

9am: After a super early morning flight to SF, we have breakfast at Google HQ in Mountain View. The campus is probably bigger than most college campuses and Googlers typically ride the colorful Google bikes to get from one building to another. Mountain View is so peaceful! I have a mini blueberry smoothie and a few bites of a egg frittata. 
12pm: After working for a few hours at a Starbucks nearby, I meet up with my friend at Google for lunch and eat a veggie roll, few bites of the cous cous salad, and a few bites of a chicken meatball at one of their micro kitchens. We then kitchen hop for some watermelon and two slices of pizza. Google pizza is so stringy!
8pm: Dinner with friends at Rangoon Ruby in Palo Alto, the only Burmese restaurant I've ever been to. I swear M eats there every time he's in Mountain View. We're both addicted to the tea leaf salad and the coconut rice. We also order a bunch of protein dishes like pumpkin stewed pork, beef with chili, and fish with mango. They're okay but honestly I'm more than good with just the salad and the rice.

10pm: We take a stroll through downtown Palo Alto and end the night with dessert at Fraiche. They have the best soft serve froyo! It's icier and not as sweet as other places.

9:50am: I take advantage of our hotel continental breakfast and make a egg, sausage, and cheese muffin.
12pm: We have lunch with a friend at Google's amazing Indian restaurant, Baadal. It's super clean Indian food and is always delicious. I have the vegetable and chicken biryani and a bean based stew and wash it all down with chai tea.

8pm: We're back in LA and have Brazilian food at Pampa's Grill in Culver City. Before discovering this restaurant, I'd always go to Fogo de Chao for Brazilian BBQ but it's just too heavy and pricey. I love this place as you pay by the pound so overeating is not mandatory. Their sirloin cap and lamb leg are so juicy, tender, and bubbling with flavor.

11am: Yogurt parfait
 2pm: A small serving of dijon potato salad from Mendocino Farms.

8pm: Beef fajita, and chips & guac from La Fogata in Sherman Oaks. The fajita was too salty but the restaurant was festive and it was great to get M out of the house as he'd been working on some plumbing issues in our kitchen all day.

10pm: Dulce de leche & strawberry cheesecake creme ice from Sonny's Ice Cream. Crema ice is basically one part ice cream and three parts Italian ice, perfect for lactose intolerant dairy fanatics like myself. It's lighter and colder and not as sweet as ice cream. I'm obsessed and have a feeling this will be my dessert of the summer.

1pm: Brunch with a friend at Plan Check Fairfax tasting their new summer brunch menu. We had to try their Sanrio collab PomPomPurin + Chococat set menu which includes a very sweet vanilla cream soda, grilled chicken and pickled veggies sandwich, bar chips, mac n cheese, a too cute to eat black n white cookie, and vanilla ice cream. We also split a egg sandwich (yumm), sweet potato waffle fries, kale salad, and eggs and chorizo. The two sandwiches were my favs. You have to try their black plum tea mixed with a little lemonade. It's the perfect blend of sweet and tart.

8pm: Spareribs noodle soup and papaya salad from Hoy Ka Noodles. On our way to the restaurant, we climbed the hills and drove through Mulholland for some breathtaking views of a golden LA sunset. I love my city.

12pm: Yogurt parfait
8pm: Dinner at Petrossian West Hollywood celebrating my friend Steph's birthday. We enjoyed a decadent three-hour meal of caviar, smoked fish, charcuterie and cheese, wedge lettuce salad drizzled with more caviar, tender lamp chops, and a satisfying vanilla panna cotta. So happy the restaurant is close to me as it's really romantic and the food is impeccable!

12pm: Cereal with almond milk, frozen berries, and a banana.
8pm: Dinner at Bossa Nova with friends where I ate a few Brazilian cheese rolls, a small Greek salad, and forkfuls of my friend's plantains.